Litter Queen Pelleted


Product Code: 5.00191
Manufacturer: Litter Queen
Net Weight: 6.350kg

There are no chemicals or perfumes added to this litter, and it is both biodegradable and safely flushable in small amounts (non-clay, it dissolves in water). With Litter QueenTM, less is more. Add just an inch or two of Litter QueenTM to the litterbox. When you use less litter, it is easier to scoop and remove clumps from the bottom of the pan. Simply tilt the box for easy access, and scoop out clumps once per day. I recommend using a metal scoop, which scrapes more firmly and therefore helps maintain cleanliness in the litterbox. Clumps may then be transfered to the toilet and safely flushed. Shake the box to redistribute the remaining litter, and you're done!